As a newly minted Pistol Instructor I have been trying to accumulate training aids which will help in the classroom. One of the most beneficial is dummy ammo (AKA – snap caps) which can be used by the student for loading, unloading, dry fire, drills, etc. This ammo is inert and often has a colored plastic tip or is made of solid plastic or metal and does not contain a primer and has no powder. Since I was ordering supplies from the NRA I decided to go ahead and get some of their brightly colored dummy ammo, but much to my dismay they were out of stock on part of the order. I had already scoured the web for the best value and most of the dummy ammo runs from $1 per cartridge to $3. At $3 per cartridge a full magazine of 10 rounds would be $30! My thought was I would need 6 rounds for every caliber which is traditionally used in a revolver and 10 rounds for every caliber which is traditionally used in a semi-automatic pistol. It was easy to see this was not going to be an inexpensive proposition.

Since I could not get a complete order of what I wanted from the NRA site I decided to scour the web once again in search of the best value in dummy ammo. It was during that search I came across DummyBullet. Their ammo has no primer in the primer pocket and the brass casing is drilled to make it easy to identify. I do wish the bullet was colored, but at less than $1 per round and with FREE shipping I could not pass it up. I ordered 2 packaged of 5 rounds of .380, 9 mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP. For the revolver I opted for single packages of 6 rounds for 38 spl, 357 mag, 44 spl and 44 mag. My total was less than $60 and it shipped quickly, free and complete.

If you are looking for dummy ammo, my suggestion would be to check out DA. My only gripe is Bruce does not have a .22 solution. If he did I would have every caliber I should need for my pistol students!