A few years back Ray Daniels started the Cicerone program and it has started to take off in the last few years. In my opionion is it similar to the BJCP program with the exception it is geared toward serving beer rather than judging beer and providing feedback on entrants at competition. I am not in the Cicerone program, but I do know BJCP Judges who participate.

The Cicerone program just reached the milestone of 10,000 servers and as a result has reduce the cost of the exam for a very short window. If you think you might like to participate here is the promotion:

Certified Beer Server Exam:  1000 cents ($10) for 10 hours (February 15th) Click Here to access
Certified Beer Server Tutorial and Exam (with recorded lectures, study aids and self-assessment exams): $100 for 100 hours (Feb 15 through Feb 18. Regular price $149.)  Click Here to access.
Cicerone Brewing Process App: 99 cents for 101 hours (Feb 15 through Feb 18)  (Visit the appropriate app store to access.)