Freigeist Bierkultur

Imagine my excitement when I came across two altbiers from Germany in the local bottle shop. They were from Freigeist Bierkultur which is an offshoot of Braustelle. One was an unfiltered alt named Ehrenfeider and the other a doppelsticke named Hoppeditz. Now here’s the rub, they both sucked balls. Actually it was a more of a detrimental metallic flavor that anything. They had a bloody, tinny taste and neither was anything I could stomach enough to finish the glass. I’m not even sure why they bothered to brew beers which were this metallic. Let’s put it this way, after the unfiltered alt I figured it was just a single instance of a bad beer or something went amiss in transport. Then I had the doppelsticke and realized it was a brewery trait and they have issue with either recipe or equipment. I don’t care if I ever have another of their beers. If someone gives me one I’ll try it, but as far as drinking that crap, just say no, you can find Uerige if you are diligent and will never have to worry about strong metallic off flavors.

Virginia Teen Is In Big Trouble

I came across a story from two days ago about a teen who took guns and ammo to school. At first I was shocked and figured we stopped a massacre before it happened so I went looking for another article on the same story. It wasn’t long before I found one which had the same photo. The article stated they did not believe the teen was meaning to do harm, he was simply transporting the firearms to his father’s home and left them in the car while he went to school. I don’t know if I buy that completely, but what struck me isn’t what is in the photo, it is what is not.

So I spot a 30-30 lever-action and a 12 gauge shotgun. I also see a .22LR pistol and a 1911. On the table it appears he was hell-bent for leather until you peel the onion. There are what appear to be two boxes of shotgun shells, some .22LR, and some .45ACP rounds in the 1911. The magazine to the left appears to be an extended 1911 mag. What I don’t see is more than four rounds of 30-30 ammunition. Also I see at least five magazines for an AR-15 and one for an AK-47 but I don’t see those firearms and I don’t see the ammunition for them. It’s a very odd mix of firearms, ammunition, and accessories. I’m not sure at all what is going on with eleven knives in the car, nor why he thought it was a good idea to put them in the car and then go on school property, but he is in deep doo-doo.

What I always find interesting the way the police display firearms to maximize the effect the display has on the public, DA, and eventually a jury if it comes to that. Everything on the table could fit into a large ski bag. Even my first impression was WOW until I took a closer look. If the teen was up to no good I hope they punish him severely. If he made an honest mistake with his lapse in judgement I really hope this incident does not ruin his life.

Perfect Ice

I snapped a photo of my glass of Wathen’s the other night and a friend mentioned I had perfect ice. I have to agree, the glass was perfect with one large cube. The trays a silicone and make six cubes at a time and I’ve found they are perfect for Bourbon as the flavors change as the ice slowly melts. Tovolo is the manufacturer of the trays and you can get them in a myriad of colors off Amazon. I’ve found unless we are having guests over six cube will last me several days since I get about two drinks per cube. We have two trays and I have rarely needed to fill the second. My suggestion would be to filter your water so you have the least amount of flavor impact. Tap water would not be my suggestion unless it is filtered. If you get one of the trays, let me know what you think!

Driving on a NC College Campus

Recently I had to drive onto a college campus to meet someone and I had a pistol in my car. Here is what happened when I drove, parked, met, and left, absolutely nothing. What is funny is a few years ago that would have been against the law and I could have served some serious jail time for doing what I did. Luckily H937 changed the law on October 1, 2013 so I don’t have to worry about any repercussions for simply having a legal firearm and a CHP on a college campus. Without the law I would have needed to find some safe place to stash the firearm while I went onto the campus and to me that just seems to be ridiculous, not from an inconvenience standpoint, but from a safety standpoint. Let’s say you have a business where you feel comfortable stashing a bag which contained the firearm. Once you depart you have no control over what happens to the gun. It could be stolen, misused, or mishandled. Perhaps I’ve grown jaded over the years, but I have learned we only see the good side of people and you never truly know what is going on unless you are there to witness it.

I for one am glad the law changed to allow firearms in vehicles in closed containers in locked vehicles or in locked containers in the vehicle. I wish he law was even broader, but just this small step is enough to allow people like myself who have business on the campus to legally visit and not have to find some place to store the firearm while they are on campus property. And for those critics of the law who shouted the Wild West was going to happen in NC after the bill passed, you have been proven to be incorrect in your statements and beliefs.

Wathen’s Bourbon

I purchased a fifth of Wathen’s Kentucky Bourbon some time back and finally got around to it in the queue. I wasn’t expecting too much out of it since I cannot seem to figure out where it is made other than Kentucky. Also with a price point around $30 it just didn’t seem like it would be all that wonderful. Well, I am happy to report this is a nice bottle of spirits. It is single barrel and mine is barrel number 3925 bottled on 12-5-13 so it’s been lurking somewhere for about a year which we all know doesn’t affect anything, but it’s kinda sad no one snatched it up earlier. It is 94 proof, but no indication of age is given on the bottle or neck tag. I saw someone guess this is made at Buffalo Trace, but the only indication I have to show that might be the case is how much I enjoyed the flavor and the fact the bottle is exactly the same as Elmer T Lee. Speaking of which the alcohol is unrestrained and quite potent neat, but in a glass with a single large ice cube the flavor blossoms and the alcohol is restrained. Going off memory the flavor is brown sugar, leather, caramel, and citrus with oak and spice not far behind. It’s a darn nice Bourbon at a darn nice price point. If you see it, snag it, if word gets out just how good this one is you may one day have a difficult time securing a bottle.

Foothills December 2014 IPA of the Month

For December Foothills decided their IPA of the Month should be a double IPA. It’s not crazy big, but the 8.2% ABV beer is no slouch either. The hops on this one are Chinook and Simcoe and they work very well in both the flavor and the aroma which are both delicious. For some reason it seemed to be more difficult to find this one as opposed to the last few months, but I think it just hit the stores a bit later than the rest. This one is worth your time to find and was certainly a pleasure to consume. I’m looking forward to see what they bring out for 2015, should be awesome!

David Gregory – Why No Charges?

I wrote about DG back on December 27, 2012 and how he broke the law in DC on national television. Of course nothing happened after the incident, but due to the FOIA the letter from the Office of The Attorney General for The District of Columbia has been made public. I’ll summarize what it says into plain English so we all understand. Yes, DG broke the law and yes, we would prosecute anyone else who broke the law, but because he is part of the media we will let it slide with no charges. So if you are in the media in DC you are above the law, but everyone else is held to a different standard.

DG got the boot from NBC in August and I don’t think he has landed another news gig. I wonder if DC would let him slide now that he is no longer part of NBC if he broke the law? The message is clear, to me at least, some people are held under the thumb of ridiculous laws and others are free to do as they please. Way to go DC!

CBC Wiggo X 2014

I really like the fact that Carolina Brewing Company is now distributing their seasonals. For years the beers were only available at the brewery when it was opened and were not out and about. I knew they were sending a few out to stores, but when I spotted Wiggo I knew they are now shipping them all. The is actually the 10th version of Wiggo which I like to think of as a hoppy red ale, but they are listing as an IPA. No matter what I find it tasty. Here is the description from their website.

WIGGO! X Thanksgiving 2014
Wiggo is a malty, copper-colored IPA. We use lots of dark caramel malt to balance the aroma and flavor from the hops. We use Nugget and Cascade hops in the boil and this version has a heavy dose of Amarillo for dry hopping in the fermenter. Amarillo is a higher alpha acid hop that has floral, citrus, and peachy aroma complimented by undertones of orange and grapefruit.

This is our 10th version of WIGGO!

Cheers to them for a great beer and for making it easier to obtain by sending it out to retail!

Colt – Here’s A Solution To Your Money Issues

Maybe I’m naive, but I think the way Colt should solve their money woes is by bringing back the Python. My understanding is Colt discontinued them because production costs were too high, but that was back in 2000 when a wheel gun was becoming rarer and rarer and everyone was gravitating to a semi-automatic. Today the Python’s fetch ridiculous amounts when you can find one for sale. On one forum recently the asking price was over $4k and it sold within a day. Now I don’t think they could push the Python out the door at the current market prices for the firearm, but like Smith & Wesson they could easily ask $700-800+ with an MSRP of $900-1000+. A blued Smith Model 586 6″ has a MSRP of $839 and would retail for around $750. A blued Ruger GP100 6″ has an MSRP $699 and you might be able to get one for $550. It would take several years for Colt to saturate the market with new Pythons to the point people would say I’ll just go get a 586 or a GP100. Both the Smith and the Ruger are terrific firearms, but you cannot find a Colt and I know plenty of wheel gun enthusiasts who would line up to grab a new off-the-line Python for $800+ and that cycle would repeat until all of us left wanting finally had one in our hot little hand.

NoDa Tart Attack

Once again a friend came through and sent me a bottle of NoDa Tart Attack. The beer was a 4.3% ABV Berliner Weiss with blackberries added during fermentation. I gotta be honest, I didn’t pick up on the blackberries in the beer. The description on the page I linked mentions bubbles on the inside of the glass which I have in the photo below, but I typically think of that as a glass which wasn’t properly cleaned. In fact after it was pointed out to me I immediately went back and cleaned the glass again. I clean my glassware by hand so it would be odd to still have grease or residue inside the glass, but stranger things have happened. At any rate, this is a tasty beer, but it wasn’t one I would go out of my way to obtain. It was a very nice sour, highly drinkable, but not especially memorable. With all that in mind, I’d certainly have it again if I came across a bottle.


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