Georgia On My Mind

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 60 in law. The bill has some aspects which I wish we would adopt for North Carolina. There is one part of the bill which I believe I understand what they meant to enact, but in reality they may have enacted something much different. The section is 16-11-137 (b) and I have quoted it in boldface type.

(a) Every license holder shall have his or her valid weapons carry license in his or her immediate possession at all times when carrying a weapon, or if such person is exempt from having a weapons carry license pursuant to Code Section 16-11-130 or subsection (c) of Code Section 16-11-127.1, he or she shall have proof of his or her exemption in his or her immediate possession at all times when carrying a weapon, and his or her failure to do so shall be prima-facie evidence of a violation of the applicable provision of Code Sections 16-11-126 through 16-11-127.2.
(b) A person carrying a weapon shall not be subject to detention for the sole purpose of investigating whether such person has a weapons carry license.

I believe they wanted to make sure someone was not harassed by the police for carrying concealed with a permit, but in reality they have made it where a police officer cannot even stop someone to ask if they have a permit. I don’t see this as a perfect scenario. I much prefer having a duty to notify as we do in North Carolina. If I pass a police officer tooling down the street I have no duty to notify. If I am in line at Wendy’s and the officer is behind me in line I have no duty to notify. If I am pulled over in a traffic stop I do have a duty to notify since the officer is carrying out their duties. I think duty to notify may be what is missing from the Georgia legislation. I am all for gun rights and little to no interaction with police officers and government, but notifying the officer diffuses the situation immediately and no duty to notify could lead to a future issue down the line. I’m sure there are some who think having a requirement to notify is a bad idea. At the end of the day all the police officer wants to do is make it home at the end of the shift and if I can simply say I have a CHP and take the situation down from DEFCON 1 to a less tense situation, I am all for it. Time will tell if this part of the Georgia law was the right move, I suspect the situations will be very few where it will be tested, but I don’t see a duty to notify as any type of detention or loss of rights.

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Kids Guns

Maybe it’s just me, but I believe a gun should look like a gun. I’ve seen stories centering on the marketing of guns to kids and in truth I just don’t buy the hype. Kids cannot purchase guns and they cannot purchase ammo so even if a particular firearm is designed with kids in mind the parent has to choose and purchase the firearm. Now there are plenty of lousy parents out there who lack discipline where their kids are concerned. I remember being a kid and wanting something and my parents would say no. That was the end of the conversation. Today in any grocery store anywhere you could watch some mom or pop cave after being in the store less than a half hour. Parents are afraid to deal with their children and yes, I consider that lousy parenting. Not everyone gets a prize, some win and the rest lose, but I digress.

We have established guns can only be purchased by adults. So if a firearm is purchased for a kid the adult had to make the decision of which firearm to purchase. I am not so worried about supervised range visits with kids and a rifle as what happens when the firearm comes home. The kid certainly knows how to load it and fire it, but most kids have friends and like to show them their newest possessions. That is the point in time where I become concerned. That rifle may be seen as a toy and we all know kids like to play with toys. Just as you would secure your firearms away from kids, you need to secure their firearm as well. Especially if the firearm looks more like a toy that a gun. Some parents believe they have trained their kids and that is all they need to do for them to be safe. Nothing could be further from the truth. Young kids may not understand there can be severe consequences for certain actions. The parents may have tried to shield them from death and they believe someone is sleeping instead of graveyard dead!

As a policy, I don’t train kids less than 16 and then only I get the right vibe from the parent. I personally believe the youngest age to have a firearm is around 12, but only with the supervision of an adult. I still have my first shotgun and also the shotgun I hunted with, my grandfathers, when I was a kid. My father would not part with the single-shot Winchester rifle I used back in the day so I went out and bought one just like it. Those firearms hold many memories for me and are special, but they look like guns and I was old enough at the time I used them to know my actions had consequences and when something died it was not coming back unless it was a zombie and then you need to be sure to hit it in the head to finish it off. I think responsible kids can have guns, but I’d prefer the stock to be wood or dark synthetic and if they want to put stickers on it or paint the stock to customize it go for it. I’m not for guns which would be difficult to determine if they are a gun or a toy. I’m not going to tell some manufacturer what they should and should not make, but you’d think they could figure out when something is not a great idea. More than that, if the parent didn’t buy the colored firearm in the first place I’d not be writing this blog post today.

Enjoyed By 04.20.14

Yesterday I was forced to consume my bottle of Stone 04.20.14 IPA. It was the last day for the 9.4% ABV beer so I drank it in the nick of time. I was worried if I went one more day all the enjoyment would be gone so I made sure to eliminate the bottle contents before they crumbled into an unenjoyable mess. We are not getting the next in the series, 05.16.14, so our neighbors in South Carolina along with Alabama, California, Oregon, and Puerto Rico will have to suck all the enjoyment out of that batch. I am positive the craft beer drinkers in those states and that territory are up to the task!

Should the R51 go back to the drawing board?

I posted about the R51 twice in January. Once to discuss how I liked the aesthetics and reported size, and again to say it is bigger than first reported. I’ve been watching the discussion boards to determine if the gun is going to be a winner or a loser and right now I’m of the opinion it shouldn’t even be in the race. I saw a video of a new gun where the slide was gritty and difficult to rack. I read where a shop had a similar issue and had to send it back to Remington. There was another video of someone showing issues with the firearm. Then another video blogger had out of battery failures. A recent post on a blog asked Is The Remington R51 Safe? and my conclusion is currently no. Watch the videos and read the posts and make up your own mind.

Careful or the Goose will fly!

So I’m perusing the liquor store yesterday purchasing some vodka for the bar and since I don’t drink much vodka I am trying to think what my wife would prefer. I remembered she had just finished a bottle of 360 Vodka and enjoyed it quite a bit. I’m not sure if the spirit was what she liked or if it was the bottle, but anyway, she liked it. After I grabbed a bottle of the 360, I spotted Smirnoff Silver on sale so I stuck it in the shopping basket to keep the 360 company. I figured I would see if there was anything top shelf to grab for her, but all I could find of Grey Goose was the flavored crap. Just a note, if you are making a drink start with plain old vodka and flavor it yourself. I’ve yet to find a flavored vodka I could stand. Back to the story, I knew she had some Grey Goose at the house and yet I could not find it anywhere on the shelves or end caps. I kept thinking they must be out so I went to the register and paid for the two bottles. After I had paid I noticed up high on the shelf behind the cashier was the Grey Goose. That didn’t quite compute for me because the Ketel One and the Chopin were still there on the main aisle. I asked the cashier why and he said if they put the Grey Goose out it will sprout wings and fly. They have more shoplifting of Grey Goose than anything else in the store. This store is in a nice location and is not in an area anyone can walk to from their house or apartment, they would have to drive or take public transportation to get to the store. It just doesn’t compute to me how someone would be shoplifting and more than that, shoplifting one particular brand of top shelf vodka. Anyway, if you’re looking for the Goose and cannot find it, it may be behind the cashier and now you know why. ;)

Primator Double Bock

The other day when I picked up the Primator Premium I also grabbed a Primator Double Bock. I could not recall ever having a doppelbock from the Czech Republic so of course I had to bring this puppy home. The flavor was excellent with a nice low chocolate character coupled with deep caramel which masked the 10.5% ABV lurking beneath. Tread lightly with this one since it is a 16.9 oz bottle it is quite a bit more of the juice than you’d find in an 11.2 or 12 oz bottle normally associated with a bottled doppelbock. The brewery is calling it a porter and I guess I can see why. It did have a bit more chocolate than most doppels and some Baltic porters are made with lager yeast, but in the end this to me was a doppelbock which might be why they named it Double Bock for the US market. I’d suggest this one, it’s pretty tasty!

Reap What You Sow

Two thieves broke into a home in Yadkin County last summer and stole firearms which they traded for drugs. These two individuals are facing 27 felony counts and are being held under no bond. The news articles did not mention if the firearms had been recovered and returned to their owner, but I do believe these men got what they deserved and I hope they will get a long time in prison to think about how stupid their actions were. I somehow doubt these are the only crimes committed by the dynamic duo, but at least they are now off the street even if that street is more of a country road.

Primator Czech Pils

In the local store I happened upon a Primator Premium Lager from Pivovar Náchod in the Czech Republic. When I first opened the 5% ABV beer I was floored by the aroma coming out of the glass. I have an interesting quirk in my aromatic perceptive abilities. Saaz hops to me have a mercaptan aromatic when the aroma is first being released from the beer with the carbonic acid of the carbonation. I have learned if that aroma lessens then it is Saaz hops, and if it is strong the beer is skunked. In this case the aroma was hops and it was ridiculous, but it lessened by the time the head fell back. If there was any particular issue with this beer it was head retention. The flavor was decidedly bitter with a nice malty aspect. At first I was thinking too bitter, but in time I found it quite refreshing. By the time I had almost drained the glass I could detect just a hint of diacetyl in the flavor. I was enamored enough by this beer to suggest it should be included as an example in the Bohemian Pilsner style guidelines. I doubt it will be included in the cut, but if you are looking for a good example of the style, this is one to seek out.


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