What To Wear?

I mentioned on Sunday things were going to get interesting and they sure have. After the judge struck down the ban as unconstitutional DC scrambled to figure out the plan. Emily Miller tweeted about the events as they unfolded and at one point it was stated if you had a valid concealed carry permit you would be able to carry in DC.

That quickly changed when a judge granted a 90 day stay in the Palmer case. Now the city can either appeal the Palmer decision or conceded and draft the laws which will dictate the carry rules in DC. It’s been pretty interesting over the last few days and will become even more interesting as things progress. Right now you’d be foolish to conceal in DC, but in time your biggest decision will probably be which holster to wear.

Who Really Made It?

Yesterday and article popped up entitled, Your ‘Craft’ Rye Whiskey Is Probably From a Factory Distillery in Indiana, and of course I had to check it out. As it turns out there are very few revelations in the article, but the linked blog post from Sku’s Recent Eats entitled The Complete List of American Whiskey Distilleries & Brands did contain some interesting information. First off I do enjoy some Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye, but I have been hoodwinked. Their Bourbon is made by Four Roses and their Rye by Midwest Grain Products. Nevertheless I do enjoy them both so no harm, no foul. I had seen a bottle of Rock Hill Farms Bourbon in a SC store and passed it by. Turns out I should spend the coin since it is a Buffalo Trace product. Now one I just got that does give me pause is Willett Bourbon. I just picked up a bottle on the suggestion of a fellow shopper, but the distillery did not start until 2012, so the best guess at who made their Bourbon is Heaven Hill. Right after I purchased the bottle, I found out Kirkland Signature Bourbon (Costco) is actually made by Jim Beam. In the end so long as the product is tasty I don’t mind so much. I typically try to stay with Bourbon products made in KY whenever possible, but a darn tasty Rye is a darn tasty Rye even if it does come from Indiana.

Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye

The other night at a watering hole I spied a bottle of Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye on the top of their wine dispenser. All “the good stuff” was lurking up there waiting for someone like me to walk through the door and purchase a glass. I’d seen some of the reviews about this particular whiskey, but had not found it to bring a bottle home and introduce it to the family so I asked the barkeep to pour me a glass. Thomas Handy has been dubbed Best Rye Whisky for both the US and the world so I expected nothing short of perfection. With that level in mind I must say I was slightly disappointed at the level of heat, but the flavor was pretty darn awesome. It was sandalwood and cedar spice with a wonderful bit of caramel toffee thrown in for good measure. In truth I probably needed to throw in a single ice-cube to tame the beast, or a smidge of water, but this was a tasty beverage. I’ve not seen a bottle hanging out anywhere and probably want with our NC liquor store setup. I might locate one by drifting across the line to SC, but who knows. If you do see this out and about and rye whiskey is your cup of tea, be sure to give this one a whirl. You may want to have a little ice or water handy to tame the fire, but otherwise a fine glass of rye whiskey.

This Is Gonna Get Interesting

NBC reported yesterday the total ban of handguns outside the home in Washington, DC has been deemed unconstitutional. Senior U.S. District Judge Frederick Scullin Jr. said,

In light of Heller, McDonald, and their progeny, there is no longer any basis on which this court can conclude that the District of Columbia’s total ban on the public carrying of ready-to-use handguns outside the home is constitutional under any level of scrutiny.

It was reported the decision could be reviewed by the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, but this should be fun to watch. Where’s the popcorn?

Remington R51 Back To The Drawing Board

Turns out my post on July 1 wasn’t far from the truth. I asked Has The Remington R51 Been Sent To Area 51? and it kinda has. Actually I asked if it should be redesigned on April 19 and it is. I scoured the web and have not been able to find an official Remington announcement about it, but Guns & Ammo put out an update indicating a recall and redesign. Here is what Remington announced:

Earlier this year, we launched the innovative R51 subcompact pistol to critical acclaim. During testing, numerous experts found the pistol to function flawlessly. In fact, they found it to have lower felt recoil, lower muzzle rise and better accuracy and concealability than other products in its class.

However, after initial commercial sales, our loyal customers notified us that some R51 pistols had performance issues. We immediately ceased production to re-test the product. While we determined the pistols were safe, certain units did not meet Remington’s performance criteria.  The performance problems resulted from complications during our transition from prototype to mass production. These problems have been identified and solutions are being implemented, with an expected production restart in October.

Anyone who purchased an R51 may return it and receive a new R51 pistol, along with two additional magazines and a custom Pelican case, by calling Remington at (800) 243-9700.

The new R51 will be of the same exceptional quality as our test pistols, which performed flawlessly.

We appreciate your patience and support.

Beer Camp Across America Mixed Pack

This week I thought I would go out and grab the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America Mixed Pack and it turned out to be a white whale chase. I had kinda remembered seeing a post on Facebook by someone picking up a few of them and figured they were everywhere. On Tuesday I was at a draft house and they were pouring several of them, but many had run out and that got me to thinking I better go in search of a 12 pack for the house. I went to almost every chain beer store location and then to some of the smaller bottle shops. One of them told me the word on the street was you could sometimes find it at a grocery store and that is exactly where I located one to take home. The price of admission wasn’t crazy, but $26 and change for a 12 pack is a little more than I generally spend. Of course the other night at the pub a 5 ounce pour was $3, so that would make the equivalent 12 pack price $86.40 so if you look at it that way the mixed pack was a steal. I look forward to trying the brews I have not yet tasted and I’ll put some noted in the blog as I roll through them. The neatest thing about the mixed pack is it contained both bottles and cans which was a surprise. If you can find one, I suggest you grab it. All I’ve seen is one, the one I bought.

Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition 2013

Last night I happened upon an establishment with a smidge of Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition 2013 hiding in plain sight behind the bar. I’m not sure how this made it this far without being consumed, but the ounce of Bourbon was just waiting for me to order and consume it. I had been on the lookout for a bottle, but it had proved elusive with only 8,000 barrels being produced and the $90 price of admission also seemed a bit steep. Luckily an ounce of this elixir came at the affordable price of $11 or $12 and it turned out to be worth every penny. This 13-year-old Bourbon was crazy beautiful and ridiculously smooth and tasty. I’m keeping my fingers crossed I can find a bottle of the 2014 Limited Edition, but I’m hearing it is a Benjamin so I might have to just have a taste at a bar somewhere!

Teach Them While They Are Young!

We have a new team member in training and last night I started him on the path to craft beer excellence by introducing him to the myriad of aromas and flavors that are craft beer. He indicated in college he did not have the funds to enjoy much craft beer and so Blue Moon and Sweetwater 420 were about as adventurous as he ever got. I decided to start him off on training wheels with the Mother Earth Weeping Willow Witbier, but followed that up with Noda Coco Loco and finally hit him with Big Boss High Roller. Time will tell if I’ve created a monster or not, but he was ready for that fourth beer when I told him I needed to call it a night. I hope I taught the 22-year-old tot at least a few things about beer and it will at least whet his appetite for more craft beers in the future.

PS: Don’t give beer to babies or in the US those under 21. ;)

In The Weeds

Over the weekend I hit a trio of Wicked Weed bottled selections which were all quite tasty, but in need of a kick in the pants IMO. Serenity was the best of the bunch which stands to reason since it won a 2013 GABF Gold Medal. Bretticent was the second best and just seemed light to me. The standout should have been Black Angel, but the beer seemed as if it was a shadow of what could have been and watery as if water was added to stretch the batch. The price of admission for the 500 ml bottles varied from affordable to a little high. As a newer brewery they are putting out some great things, but I’m not sure I’m going to drop the coin in the future for a bottle without seeing some stellar reviews.

I do enjoy the brewpub, but they have so many rules which seem to change at the drop of a hat I generally try to hit someplace else when in Asheville. I’ll have to make a note to sometime detail all the rules I and others have run into at Wicked Weed. I’m not sure if they are under the microscope of the NCABC or if they just like to mess with customers. It’s borderline ridiculous. Anyway, if you see the bottles out and about you may find they are right up your alley. However, if you are a fan of sour and Brett ale I’d suggest you give them a while to mature.


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